Sales Agency

What is a Sales Agent?

As you begin to build your business and the business continues to grow, you will probably find that you need help to maintain that growth and to continue growing. While you take care of the day to day operations, you may find yourself in the position of looking for someone who can take on the sales and marketing aspect of your company.

A Sales Agent earns a percentage of what they sell, or a commission based on sales. The Sales Agent works directly with a buyer and submits the purchase orders for your business to process. All stock and accounts remain with your company. If our agents don’t sell, you don’t pay a cent. It’s risk free.

A Sales Agent is usually self-employed, works as an independent contractor and typically only services one territory or state. That’s where we differ!

How is King Cubed Different?

Rather than dealing with multiple independent contractors, King Cubed is your one-stop-shop for Sales Agents. Your business will be assigned a Key Account Manager who will be your point-of-contact for all things Sales and Marketing related. Your Key Account Manager will then ensure the rest of the team is provided the information they require to grow your business.

King Cubed has Sales Agents in South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. We service a broad range of industries including but not limited to Retail, Newsagent, Pharmacy, Health, Industrial, Education, Office Products, Building & Construction, Mining, Tourism and Transport. Collectively we have close to 80 years worth of experience in these channels and understand the challenges Start-ups and SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) businesses face on a day to day basis.

What Else?

Our team of Sales Agents will only represent your company in the territories and industries you specify. So if you only need someone in Western Australia, then that’s the only territory we’ll look after. Don’t want us to call on Pharmacy, we’ll stay well away. It’s that simple!

It’s also important to understand we don’t set the pricing, you do. This way you have full autonomy over your products/brands and how they go-to-market. Because we work off 100% commission, it’s in our agent’s best interest to get the highest amount possible for each sale. Handing out unsanctioned discounts not only devalues your products/brands, it also reduces our commission so it’s counter-productive to operate in this manner.

In Summary…

If your business needs help on the ground around Australia, King Cubed has a team of professionals who will help grow your business. We only get paid for the sales we bring in and will only operate where you allow us to.

We are always interested in exploring new business opportunities and invite any potential business partners, with or without an existing client base, to reach out and contact us today.

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